The Secret Behind Amazing Twitter Accounts

The latest news from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog is titled, “The Secret Behind Amazing Twitter Accounts”

“There are millions of people who use Twitter daily to type out their thoughts in 160 characters or less. The social media platform is an ingenious way to promote a business idea or thought through either novelty or official accounts. The key to having a great Twitter account lies in a brand’s ability to target their demographic. It also never hurts if a humerus tone is kept in each post to attract as many followers as possible.

A good marketing team like can help a business get the brand recognition they want on Twitter. A good response or a clever quip can easily go viral with the right cross promotion. Thus, it is important to stay on the ball when in the Twitter arena because you never know what to expect. In fact, the following is a great collection of the best brand interactions on Twitter.

Taco Bell’s Spicy Remarks to Old Spice

Taco Bell has one of the sassiest Twitter accounts around…”
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Its a scarefest at @Branded_3 for Halloween

Most recent article from Branded3 Blogstorm, “It’s a scarefest at @Branded_3 for Halloween”

Felicity Crouch writes, “Its the spookiest day of the year and the Branded3 team is celebrating Halloween with some truly scary (and some just downright weird) costumes!

Every year, each table chooses a theme to dress up as, check out what we did last year here, this year however, theres more of us and weve really stepped it up a notch!

Roll up, roll up! The Account Management team brought the Dead Circus to town:

The Strategy team chose a classic, Ghostbusters:


The Design and Marketing table win the prize for perhaps the geekiest theme there is HTTP status codes:


The PR & Social team put a dark twist on our favourite childhood characters with Dead Disney:


Theres been a murder in the Content team, but who done it? Play a game of Cluedo to find out!

You can also check out more pictures from today on our Facebook page. Happy Halloween!”
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Telepresence Sharing The Next Big Innovation in Google Search #future

Most recent article by Joydeep Bhattacharya from Search Engine People Blog is titled, “Telepresence Sharing – The Next Big Innovation in Google Search #future”

“Forget about the days when you are only given an option to search information from a database of people and places stored in Google’s server. How about exploring places and events in real time? Does this sound interesting?

With Telepresence sharing, you can control Google’s mobile robots that can capture real time video footage of popular buildings, places, events and send the video data into your mobile device directly. Amit Singhal’s Star Treck (see tweet below) is coming to a reality. In future, you can command Google using Google Now and make use of telepresence robots to access any location of your choice and get real time feed whenever needed.

Let me give you another example. Suppose you wish to capture the live news feed of the next Barack Obama’s speech but are unable to reach the venue physically. No problem, with the help of remote vehicles, Google can catch the live presentation and get that data feed live on your mobile device…”
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