4 White Hat Link Building Tactics

Zain Shah from Search Engine People Blog posted, “Thanks to all of Google’s black and white animals (Panda & Penguin), link building has become a very difficult and tedious process. The types and sources of legitimate backlinks are few and far between. Taking any type of shortcut here could very well lead to a penalty from Google.

So what can we do as SEO marketers? Well, we need to get creative on how we acquire backlinks. Below are some completely white-hat and legitimate link building techniques you can start using today with little fear of a Google reprisal.

1. Brand Mentions: this is probably the most overlooked aspect of modern link building. Basically, you want to look for sites that have mentioned your brand or company, but have not linked you to you in any way. A simple way to do this is to use an advanced Google operator. Here’s an easy one:

intext:brand name -site:yoursite.com

Replace brand name with your company name and place your website (without www) in the place of “yourwebsite…”
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How to Generate More Web Content from Google Hangouts on Air

The latest post from “Search Engine People Blog”, “How to Generate More Web Content from Google Hangouts on Air”

“Google Hangouts on Air have been the best thing Google Plus has given to us. The ability to set up video conferences with multiple participants, the easiness of set-up and the “live streaming” option: There’s simply no alternative for this product.

Google HOA is also a great way to generate some pretty sweet web content for their blog, service or site. But before I go into that, let me refer you to my older SEP blog post on how you can make the most of Google HOA content on re-packaging it into in multiple content formats including podcasts, courses, etc.

If you need more re-packaging ideas, First Site Guide has the whole section dedicated to all types of content you can create for your blog. The idea is, if you decide to give a Google HOA a try, don’t stop at hosting video discussions: Instead, make the most of your effort by re-purposing that video content again and again to reach more channels…”
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Tweaking Landing Pages to Increase Quality Score

Most recent article from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog, “Tweaking Landing Pages to Increase Quality Score”

“If you happen to run an adwords campaign, you are already aware of the fact that the success and failure of the campaign hangs by a thread and often times, the very thread is controlled by a mysterious element code named as Quality Score. Okay, let me explain it. You can find tons of articles on how to increase quality score of your adwords ads but nobody knows for sure how to do it correctly otherwise we would not have clicked on so many half-baked ad copies and landing pages that definitely do not contribute to the conversion rate.

Some of the contributing factors to higher Quality Score are relevant ad copies, right keywords combination, smaller ad groups and of course a standard landing page that helps in the path of conversion. Since the Quality Score is determined at the keywords level, it is imperative for Adwords experts to ensure that the landing page meets all the guidelines if they really want to secure higher Quality Score…”
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