Pay-Per-Click for Beginners by: Brian Newmark

Brian Newmark posted, “Pay-Per-Click for Beginners by: Brian Newmark”

“Im often asked How do I get started doing pay-per-click? After saying, you know there is a book Pay Per Click for Dummies… I do try to help. Here are some of my insights which lay a good foundation for understand pay-per-click.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is an online advertisement format where advertiser pays for web traffic on the basis of clicks on their ads. It is a quick way to get targeted traffic to your site or other landing page. PPC has historically been dominated by Google and Yahoo and their ad-networks. Recently Facebook has become an extremely powerful tool in PPC. As I shared in Why PPC May NOT Be For You, PPC can also be expensive and a quick way to lose money if you are not careful.

Let us take a deeper look into Pay-Per-Click with this beginners guide to PPC

1) Analyze your business. This is hard for many business owners because they are working in their business, not on it…”
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Sitecore: The User Access Model

Most recent post from “Branded3 Blogstorm”, “Sitecore: The User Access Model”

“Here’s the scenario…

You’vecreated the bestwebsite imaginable using Sitecore.You’ve taken a little time tochat with our SEO experts about possible ways to better reach your target audience and taken a look at SEO for Sitecore. You’ve put time and effort into creating the best user journeys for your entire site. You have the greatest content ever to go withthe best website ever.

Suddenly, you realise that you need to give your content creators access to your perfect website. It’s a perfect system: only one person can go in and make changes. Meaning that, currently, no one can mess things up. But now you have to give other people access to your perfect system.

But, what if theystart editingpages everywhere?

This is where the Sitecore user access model comes in.

Conditional user access

Sitecore allows you to create as many users as you wish and each of the users that you create can be assigned a role…”
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Facebook getting More Ad Revenue than Expected

Michael Levanduski from Performance Marketing Insider most recent post is titled, “Facebook getting More Ad Revenue than Expected”

Michael Levanduski posted, “According to a new report that was released by eMarketer, US adults typically spend about 6% of their total digital media time on Facebook. That works out to an average of about 21 minutes per day. Despite only having 6% of the total amount of time spent, they are pulling in about 10% of the overall ad revenue. This is just one more report that shows how effective Facebooks ads can be.

The report also looked at many other types of digital media, and compared their percentage of time with the percentage of ad revenue. Here are some of the findings:

Video People spend about 15.9% of their time watching videos online, but only 11.7% of ad revenue goes to video services. Perhapse this is not surprising because of the fact that video requires you to pay close attention to the one area of the screen.

Pandora The report estimated that people spend about 7.1% of their time listening to music on Pandora (often while doing other things)…”
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