Google Penguin 3.0 damage report

Stephen Kenwright posted, “Google Penguin 3.0 damage report”

“Google has yet to issue official confirmationbut we’re confident that the Penguin algorithm is currently rolling out.

Branded3 rank checks more than 125,000 keywords each day and stores them so we can see some of the biggest fluctuations already. We can drill this down to specific keywords/topics (SERPs) so we can be much more accurate when diagnosing ranking changes. Several sites we’re sure have been affected by the algorithm in the past have seen huge increases in rankings today. John Mueller has previously confirmed that Penguin would have to be run in order for this to happen so we can be pretty sure that it has.

Penguin 3.0 is an update of the algorithm not a refresh of the data set which means that the quality metrics feeding into Penguin have changed, along with the thresholds required to avoid it.

Whats new in Penguin 3.0?

If you missed the last Penguin update (it was around a year ago) you can read our thoughts about it here but todays update is a different beast altogether…”
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Great Online Resources for Learning SEO

Most recent news from Search Engine People Blog, “Great Online Resources for Learning SEO”

“Whether you’re planning to hire an agency to boost the search rankings of your website or you’re interested in learning to do it yourself, you will quickly find that there is a seemingly-unlimited amount of information related to the practice of search engine optimization.

Needless to say, quantity isn’t always indicative of quality. Since I have been down this road before (and the many dead end side roads that caught my eye along the way), I’d like to help steer you in the right direction! Below you will find my favorite resources for learning SEO.

Basic SEO

The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) involves a lot of technical jargon, slang, and inside jokes (for example, how irritated penguins and panda bears make us). Therefore, it’s important to get your head wrapped around a few concepts before jumping into the How-To! Here are some good places to start:

“The Beginners Guide to SEO,” by Moz

Becoming an SEO master is going to require a lot of reading, so it makes sense to start with a text-based guide! Created and maintained by Moz, their guide for beginners is packed with information related to what affects search engine rankings…”
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Why I hate SEO

The latest article by Laura Crimmons from Branded3 Blogstorm is titled, “Why I hate SEO”

Laura Crimmons posted, “I realise thats quite a bold title for me to choose when I do work in the SEO industry and I guess what I really means is; I hate how old school SEO has impacted the industry we work in today and how everyone is obsessed with quantifying everything but that wouldnt have made for a snappy title.

I didnt work in the industry in the times when people were buying links left, right and centre, using article spinning, comment spam etc. But despite that, its all still haunting me today in the job I try to do.

Heading up the Comms team at Branded3, its my job to oversee all link acquisition and PR activity that we undertake for clients which probably explains why I hate old school SEO so much as this has made my job, and more importantly my teams job (who also didnt work in the industry then as theyre all PR), so difficult!

Were constantly faced with people asking us why we cant guarantee a certain number of links, why a massive publisher wont give them a followed link, why were getting links on sites with DA below 30, the list goes on…”
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