What Reasons Are There For Creating A PPC Campaign?

The latest news from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog, “What Reasons Are There For Creating A PPC Campaign?”

“This might seem like a silly question. However, not every advertiser that uses pay per click advertising uses it to gain traffic to a specific landing page. Of course, the main reason advertisers use PPC is to make money via gaining traffic to a landing page which ultimately ends with a conversion. Due to this, there is a given stereotype around PPC that people only use it to gain traffic and make money usually buy selling some sort of product or service. This is not always the case as you will find out below. Here are some other ways advertisers use PPC to their benefit.


To Increase Their Organic Ranking

For some websites, they will adopt a generally poor organic ranking. The time and effort it will take the blogger to increase the organic ranking of their website will be far too costly and time consuming in the long term. For this reason, for bloggers that want an easier option, they will resort to PPC…”
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Local SEO For The Holidays (5 Point Checklist)

Search Engine People Blog has published, “Local SEO For The Holidays (5 Point Checklist)”

“If you haven’t started preparing for the holidays yet, don’t panic. While the holidays are quickly approaching and many companies may have a jump start, it isn’t too late to put a plan in place and make sure you’re taking advantage of all the extra traffic that could come your way. Local SEO and a strong local presence is going to be the key.

Hopefully by now you have a local strategy in place including a Google My Business account, local accounts on other search engines such as Bing Places or Yahoo! Local, Yelp and directory accounts, and more. If not, visit this article to get started with a local presence in general. Once you do that, you can begin to focus on getting your local presence positioned specifically for the holidays.

5 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Local Presence for the Holidays

Below are 5 things you can do to start getting ready for the holidays and getting your website on top of the local SERPs:

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Google Launches Mobile-Friendly Labels

Most recent post from “Performance Marketing Insider”, “Google Launches ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Labels”

“Everyone knows that having a mobile friendly site is essential for serving customers today. With a growing percentage of people using their mobile devices for the majority of their browsing, it really just makes good sense to put in the time and effort necessary to optimize your site with these customers in mind. Google has just announced an update, however, that will make this even more important.

The Mobile Friendly label, which has been in testing for quite some time, has now officially announced that they are rolling it out over the coming weeks. This label will be placed in the search results, just under the site URL, for many pages that Google has confirmed as mobile friendly. When people are browsing search results on their phones or tablets, they will be able to quickly see that a site will load properly on their device, so they will be more likely to tap on it.

Sites that are mobile ready should automatically get this tag as the GoogleBot crawls their pages…”
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