‘Un-link’ Building: How To Successfully Remove Penguin Links

Barrie Smith from Search Engine People Blog posted, “Lost your rankings in Google? Built some dodgy links in the past that you’re now worried about? Been a victim of a competitor attack?

Google’s Penguin update, first released in April 2012 changed the face of link building as we knew it. Prior to that, sites linking to yours did little harm, at least not long-term. That all changed 2.5 years ago.

During that time numerous websites have dropped down, or completely out’ of Google as a result. Those shady link building tactics that once used to rank you prominently no longer work. They now have a detrimental affect on your website.

So where do you go from here? If your website has good or hard-to-get links pointing to it, and/or you simply want to keep the domain, you’ll have to remove those unwanted links if you want to remain or get back into the Google results.

Firstly though, if you’re a newbie to SEO or link building, you’ll perhaps want to know how to tell the difference between a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ backlink…”
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Ezoic Review Adsense Partner

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog writes, “A few weeks ago, I was contacted about a new platform called Ezoic. Usually when I get people contact me about new products and platforms, I just wash it aside since they are mostly automated messages to me from something such as a robot. However, this one was different. It sounded like a person had wrote it and included my name and my website’s name (AskWillOnline.com) in the email. For this reason, I decided to give Ezoic a go. I know exactly what you are thinking, though, ‘what is Ezoic?’ Well, hopefully I will be able to give a fairly informative review of Ezoic in this article.


To sum up Ezoic, they are a website improvement platform that has the aim of making your website earn more money through advertising. This sounds like a brilliant idea considering many bloggers spend lots of time concentrating on their content but very little on the ad spaces, sizes, colours and locations on their website…”
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Audience Engagement is the new anchor text

Most recent post by Tim Grice from Branded3 Blogstorm is titled, “Audience Engagement is the new anchor text”

Tim Grice say’s, “Over the last four to five years, we have seen major changes in the SEO landscape; changes which have altered the way we think about SEO strategy and what it actually means to do SEO.

Google has rolled out algorithms designed to crush low-quality results and Googles web spam team has been in full force taking action against websites that breach their quality guidelines. Due to this; old, manipulative tactics no longer work and signals that were previously very powerful have lost their influence.

Anchor text in times gone by has been the ultimate ranking signal; with enough anchor text, you could own search results pages. Link quality wasn’t even considered, as long as the right anchor text was being used, results could be manipulated. You didnt have to worry about user signals, the quality of your website or a content strategy; you just filled your page with keywords and built lots of links with anchor text and it worked, you ranked!

Fortunately, we saw anchor text signals beginning to diminish in 2010, it was on a very small scale, but we noticed that profiles which had heavily-optimised anchor text were slowly beginning to lose rankings…”
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