Maximizing the Effect of Your PPC Campaigns During the Holidays

Most recent post from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog is titled, “Maximizing the Effect of Your PPC Campaigns During the Holidays”

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog writes, “Using pay-per-click campaigns can assist with increasing sales through advertisements, but you may be able to enhance these effects for the holiday season. More money is spent by consumers within the last two months of the year, and your business could see an influx of sales should you optimize your strategies. There is great potential for your ads simply by changing a few texts and bid amounts for specific keywords.

Event-based Advertisements Work

Regardless of the time of year, event driven ads work and have done so for decades. It’s the reason you often see “President’s Day” mattress sales even though mattresses have little to do with politics. Instead of the regular advertisements you normally run, focusing on current events can increase your exposure. Ads that are driven by these social events have an increased capability of connecting to the consumer on a more personal level…”
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How to Make Your Visual Content Stand Out On Social Media

Most recent post from “Search Engine People Blog”, “How to Make Your Visual Content Stand Out On Social Media”

Pooja Lohana writes, “You’ve seen it with your own eyes.

Social is going Visual Social and it’s about time you started creating and sharing some cool visuals for your brand or clients.

It’s natural for humans to immediately pay attention to visuals. When blogging first became popular, people posted longish posts of about 1000 words. Then Twitter revolutionized content sharing and we saw 140-characters long posts doing the rounds of the Net.

A few years ago, infographics made their first popular appearance. Smart marketers watched the trends and were the first to jump ship.

With the rise of Pinterest and Instagram, visuals are not going anywhere anytime soon. Long blog posts still have their place, but combined with rich images, they work like a charm because visuals instantly capture your readers’ attention and your high-value post holds it.

But as you’d imagine, most other bloggers already know this and combine visual strategies with their content marketing…”
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Natoora Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

Latest post from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog, “Natoora – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign”

“The last article in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ looked at Lovell Soccer, who had many positive areas of optimisation. For example, the use of black for the background of the webpage web users land on would promote conversions since black is associated with being a dominant colour and fashionable. In this article, I will be looking at a pay per click advertising campaign by a company called Natoora that sell fresh fruit to be delivered on the internet. Let’s see how good or bad their campaign turns out to be…


To view Natoora’s PPC search advert, I had to type into Google search UK, ‘buy fresh fruit’:

Straight away, I look to below the fold to see where Natoora are ranked organically – not even on the first page. This makes it clear a large proportion of the reason to them making the campaign in the first place: to gain traffic to their website they could never achieve organically…”
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