Yahoo About to get HUGE Boost in Search

Michael Levanduski from Performance Marketing Insider say’s, “Yahoo has been working on building up the number of searches they are getting through their search engine for years, with little success. In the coming days, however, they may see a significant boost without really having to do a thing. This is because the worlds third most used browser, Firefox, has made a change to their default serach engine.

When FireFox users type something into the address bar, it has done a Google search automatically and display the results since 2004. Starting in December, however, all US users will have a search done through the Yahoo search engine. The browser is making adjustments to other regions as well. In Russia, for example, Firefox users will have a search done using Yandex, a popular option in that country. China will be using Baidu.

According to the announcement, this will impact more than 100 Billion searches each year.

This change is set to last for at least five years, according to the agreement between Yahoo and Firefox…”
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How Native Marketing Can Work for Your Business

Chris Marentis from Search Engine People Blog latest article is titled, “How Native Marketing Can Work for Your Business”

“Sponsored content in the New York Times

Native advertising is used by some of the most powerful online social media platforms and websites today. USA Today, Facebook, Forbes, the New York Times, and Twitter all utilize this powerful form of content creation. However, 49 percent of people currently do not know what native advertising is or how to effectively utilize it.

Revolutionary Paid Advertising

Native ads have two main components, form and function. They align with design schemas that are currently used, and they function as routine site features do. Instead of trying to distract the end user, native ads blend in with existing content to enhance user experience. Like many other new approaches to online advertising, native ads have been met with some resistance. People feel tricked into clicking on an advertisement that can take the form of virtually any online content. However, it begs the question,

Why do people care if paid native ads direct them to relevant content?

In general, the internet marketing industry is resistant to change…”
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What Reasons Are There For Creating A PPC Campaign?

The latest news from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog, “What Reasons Are There For Creating A PPC Campaign?”

“This might seem like a silly question. However, not every advertiser that uses pay per click advertising uses it to gain traffic to a specific landing page. Of course, the main reason advertisers use PPC is to make money via gaining traffic to a landing page which ultimately ends with a conversion. Due to this, there is a given stereotype around PPC that people only use it to gain traffic and make money usually buy selling some sort of product or service. This is not always the case as you will find out below. Here are some other ways advertisers use PPC to their benefit.


To Increase Their Organic Ranking

For some websites, they will adopt a generally poor organic ranking. The time and effort it will take the blogger to increase the organic ranking of their website will be far too costly and time consuming in the long term. For this reason, for bloggers that want an easier option, they will resort to PPC…”
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