The Main Sources of Traffic For Blogs and Websites

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog posted, “The Main Sources of Traffic For Blogs and Websites”

“Potentially, this is the million dollar question if it can be answered right and used effectively. Millions of bloggers and website owners around the world will be constantly trying to find ways of gaining traffic to their website so that it ultimately increases their online presence and increases the revenue produced from that website. Only problem with this, though, is that it is harder than it sounds. For this reason, here are the main sources of traffic to a blog or website.


SEO and Organically

SEO is no doubt the biggest source of traffic for blogs and websites. Getting a high ranking for a crucial and searched for keyword phrase can do your website a world of good. For example, my website,, gets around 30% of its traffic just from one well search engine optimised article! It is crazy how much SEO contributes to website’s traffic. Learning good SEO practice is important…”
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Load Balancing and Failover Improve Hosting

SEO Chat, “Load Balancing and Failover Improve Hosting”

“Everyone wants their traffic to go viral, but most dont realize that if they do get mentioned on a major site or go viral on social media their hosting company is likely to take their site down. When this happens, they lose the benefit of having gone viral!

The reason for this is traffic limits on almost every hosting solution. If you go over your traffic limit, some hosting companies may charge you for the overage while others will immediately take your site offline.

This is only one disadvantage of typical hosting plans. Another is server failure. Your site is typically hosted on only one server. If that server has a hard drive head crash or any other technical failure your site goes down.

Content Delivery Network

By using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) also known as a Content Distribution Network, your site is hosted on multiple servers in diverse locations. This is the ultimate protection against technical failures, power outages, and internet slowdowns…”
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Implementing an engagement strategy using content: @lauracrimmons talks at the #contentmarketingshow

Felicity Crouch from Branded3 Blogstorm most recent article is titled, “Implementing an engagement strategy using content: @lauracrimmons talks at the #contentmarketingshow”

“Next Tuesday and Wednesday, Branded3s Head of PR & Social, Laura Crimmons, will be running a workshop and speaking during The Content Marketing Show.

Held by the same organisers as the popular Brighton SEO event, The Content Marketing Show is dedicated exclusively to content marketing, with an agenda packed full of expert speakers on content and the disciplines which surround it.

On Tuesday 4th November, Laura will be hosting a workshop on Advanced Link Building and Effective Outreach. This one day workshop will teach delegates everything they need to know to run a successful content outreach campaign. You can buy your tickets here but be quick, Lauras workshops always sell out!

The next day on the 5th November, Laura will be speaking as part of the main shows agenda on how to implement an audience engagement strategy using content.

The slides will be available on our Slideshare account straight after Lauras talk, and if youd like to meet up with Laura during the two-day event, simply get in touch…”
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