Intermundo Media to Pay $500k in Fines For Mortgage Leads

Most recent news from Performance Marketing Insider, “Intermundo Media to Pay $500k in Fines For Mortgage Leads”

Michael Levanduski writes, “The FTC has recently reached an agreement with Online advertising agency Intermundo Media, LLC (AKA aka Delta Prime Refinance) for running deceptive fines attempting to generate mortgage refinancing leads. According to the settlement, the company ran ads that claimed they were able to provide free refinancing. The ads ran on Google, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo as well as their own websites.

In addition to making the false claims related to the services they were providing, the company also did not include some of the disclosure information that is required under the Truth in Lending Act.

Jessica Rich, Director of the FTCs Bureau of Consumer Protection said the following of this case, An ad that says you can refinance your mortgage for free is clearly deceptive if you have to pay money at some point before you sign on the dotted line. Lead generators need to understand that federal laws governing truth in advertising apply to them as well as everybody else…”
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3 Ways To Rapidly Improve A PPC Campaign

The latest article by Will Green from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog is titled, “3 Ways To Rapidly Improve A PPC Campaign”

“The truth is that pay per click advertising is such a customisable form of online advertising that it can be very difficult finding ways to rapidly improve a campaign. The improvement tips for a campaign selling cars may necessarily not apply to that of a campaign that wants to gain emails from web users to promote email marketing. However, putting this aside, below are some ways most PPC advertisers can improve their campaign to make it much more successful and cost efficient.



It starts with your advert…make it amazing

The first step to improving your campaign involves the advert. The advert is the first element of your campaign web users will see. For this reason, you need to make sure it is as well designed as possible to gaining clicks not just from web users but contextually interested web users.

What your advert needs to include is a source of information which the web user knows he or she can find out more about if he or she clicks onto the advert…”
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Finding your audience on social media: @lauracrimmons speaks at @Figaro_Digital seminar

Felicity Crouch from Branded3 Blogstorm latest post is titled, “Finding your audience on social media: @lauracrimmons speaks at @Figaro_Digital seminar”

“Next Thursday, Branded3s Social & PR Manager, Laura Crimmons, will be speaking at Figaro Digitals Social Media Seminar, held at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

Laura will be teaching the audience of brand marketers how to find their audience on social media, covering the best tools available to find and engage with their customers. The session which starts at 2:30pm – includes plenty of case studies showcasing how to do this in practice.

Heading up our PR and social media team, Laura leads the PR and social strategy for Branded3s biggest clients including Vue Cinemas and Ladbrokes.

With an extensive background in traditional PR as well as SEO and outreach, Laura executes campaigns for our clients which deliver multiple online benefits.

Therell be plenty of time for networking on the day, so follow @lauracrimmons on Twitter to arrange a meet-up and follow @Branded_3 for access to Lauras slides after her talk.”
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