Brands That Tell Stories Gain Audiences

Lisa Bolen from Search Engine People Blog most recent post is titled, “Brands That Tell Stories Gain Audiences”

Lisa Bolen posted, “On Storytelling

Brand storytelling is nothing new, however it is a point of difference for those companies that are doing it right. Companies that are crafting strong brand stories are engaging with their customers in a true marketing form instead of hammering advertising messaging. These marketers are building strong connections with customers. In an age where many components of life have become impersonal, scheduled, rushed and mundane they are building that personal connection to a brand.

A Successful Model

For example, how about branded storytelling through a full length movie! Yes, Lego managed that execution flawlessly earning $467 million worldwide and have scheduled a sequel for a 2017 release! Now obviously their brand and audience are a great fit, but it illustrates how a well-planned content program can become a blockbuster – and not just at the movies!

Read more about the content marketing success of Lego herethe content marketing success of Lego here…

Why Story-telling?

In this fast paced society, consumers are demanding lots of information, and control of the information that is coming towards them…”
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Google Patent-Infringement Case Overturned

Michael Levanduski from Performance Marketing Insider posted, “Google Patent-Infringement Case Overturned”

“Google has gotten its first major victory in a patent infringement case that has been going on since 2011. In a 2-1 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, the $30.5 million fine that Google would have had to pay to Vringo has been overturned.

Vringo filed a suit back in September of 2011 alleging that Googles AdWords and AdSense programs were using filtering technology that they owned the patent to. The patent, which they purchased from Lycos earlier in 2011, covers some specific technologies and information that is used in filtering search results. The suit was originally against Google as well as several customers like AOL, IAC and Target. Google, however, agreed to take on the responsibility of any fines incurred to the other companies as well.

Googles defense was primarily focused on the fact that the information covered in the patent was well known throughout the industry at the time it was filed…”
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See @Branded_3 talk and join our workshop at @brightonseo

Most recent article by Felicity Crouch from Branded3 Blogstorm is titled, “See @Branded_3 talk and join our workshop at @brightonseo”

Felicity Crouch say’s, “If you’re heading to the UK’s biggest Search conference next month – Brighton SEO – be sure to catch Branded3′s Social & PR Managertalking on how to break SEO out of silos with marketing and PR.

Laura Crimmons will be teaching delegates how to get SEO teams fully involved in the wider marketing mix by using PR strategies that support business objectives.

Laura heads up our Digital PR, Social Media and Outreach teams here at Branded3 and leads the creative strategies across some of our largest accounts, including Ladbrokes and Vue Cinemas.

You can catch Laura talking on 12th September as part of the main conference in Brighton Dome.

As well as this; Laura,Stephen Kenwright- ourSenior SearchStrategist and Tom Armenante – one of our Account Managers; will be holding an expert workshop the day before the conference, onAdvanced Link Building and Effective Outreach…”
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