Key PPC Lessons from B2B Software Companies

Latest post from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog, “Key PPC Lessons from B2B Software Companies”

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog posted, “Pay-per click (PPC) is a niche type of advertising that works differently depending on your niche. In the world of B2B software, your goal is generating leads and PPC can be a great tool to make that happen. However, it can also be immensely frustrating. PPC is tough enough, but when you add in a lot of competition, a demanding target and lengthy sales cycle, getting those AdWords leads can lead to high anxiety.

There are many tech lessons to be learned from the US, but that doesnt mean everything is perfected. Particularly for those companies in SaaS and software industries, getting leads is the biggest obstacle and conversions arent quick. Most people dont quickly peruse online for a B2B software solution and buy instantly. The products are often costly, which means an extended sales cycle.

Biggest software sales challenges

You know that your audience is comparison shopping, so youre lucky to even be in the running…”
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How to Make the Most of Sharing Your Articles on Social Media

The latest news from Search Engine People Blog, “How to Make the Most of Sharing Your Articles on Social Media”

“You spend hours every week cultivating the perfect content for your blog. Well written posts targeted perfectly to your audience, lovingly edited to say just what you mean to, using just the right words.

Everything you do seems to be just right, and yet your social media numbers are less than stellar. What’s going on? Why aren’t you getting anywhere? How can you get those social users really talking about your brand?

Don’t worry, even the highly popular blogs that have a powerful social presence had to start somewhere. Some even had a difficult time connecting on a social level, and had to take things up a notch before they saw any progress.

Before you run off to spend thousands on a Twitter campaign, let’s get back to basics. These tips are aimed at generating slow growth over time, to allow your blog posts to be shared on social media on a consistent basis. And you know what they say: consistency is key!

Know How Often To Share

Not every social user reacts to re-shared content as well as others…”
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Working cross agency for the benefit of your client

Branded3 Blogstorm has posted, “Working cross agency for the benefit of your client”

“Anyone with an interest in the SEO industry knows that the best campaigns are now synced with wider marketing strategies. Long gone are the days when youd send your SEO agency off to buy a load of links and sit back and watch your Google rankings shoot up. Any agency who are worth having should be taking an active interest in their client’s marketing focus and pushing to get involved, not working in their own silo.

This being said, its crucial that your SEO agency can work alongside your other partners to deliver the desired results. The word integrated is certainly thrown around enough in the marketing industry, but this isnt always done as well as it should be and there are plenty more opportunities for collaborative working that could drive much better results.

As an Account Manager at Branded3, involvement with other agencies has become a crucial part of my role day-to-day…”
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