Check out @Branded_3s top 5 campaigns this week

Carrie Rose Balloch from Branded3 Blogstorm latest post is titled, “Check out @Branded_3’s top 5 campaigns this week”

Branded3 Blogstorm say’s, “Every week, our Comms team get together and summarise our favourite PR and social campaigns of the week. Here, I bring you five of our top campaigns from this week:

Sky Atlantic Polar Bear Takes in Londons Sites

Marking the launch of Sky Atlantics hotly anticipated arctic drama Fortitude, Sky Atlantic have unleashed an 8 ft. long, fully animated adult polar bear into the streets of London.

This PR stunt has been highly popular on social media with many sending in images and videos of their morning experience bumping into a large polar bear. The highly sophisticated prop uses internal monitors linked to hidden cameras, allowing the two performers inside to see and control its movement.

Based on the idea that polar bears are the most dangerous animal on land and present threat to inhabitants, Sky Atlantic wanted to give people an up close experience of what it must be like to come face to face with one of the biggest stars in their new show Fortitude…”
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Launch Your New Social Media Campaign Like This

The latest post by Chris Marentis from Search Engine People Blog is titled, “Launch Your New Social Media Campaign Like This”

“In today’s digital era, it takes much more than online presence alone to reap the benefits of social marketing. Given that , it’s crucial to have an effective online marketing strategy. Follow the framework outlined in this article to get your social strategy right the first time and earn maximum ROI in the process. What […]

Post from: Search Engine People SEO BlogLaunch Your New Social Media Campaign Like This–Written by Chris Marentis, Surefire Social

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Country Specific Rank Checking & the Google Web Server Redirect &gl &gws_rd

Latest Branded3 Blogstorm post is titled, “Country Specific Rank Checking & the Google Web Server Redirect &gl &gws_rd”

“Checking rankings is one of the key elements to measuring your organic performance. Whilstthere are many factors that may affect ranking performance, localisation, cookies, signed into Google etc., we wont go into the specifics here.

Either way, you still need to benchmark and most importantly you need to be consistent.

Ever since Google changed over to SSL, you may have noted a new operator appended when going to, for example, youll probably get this now (in Firefox at least):

Google Web Server Redirect &gws_rd

This is effectively the Google webserver redirect to the SSL version. In the UK over the last few days, Google appears to be using this to redirect on a country level also.

Country specific checking – &gl

In the past you could check country specific results by appending the &gl geo-targeting tag. Web queries like this were used to check unpersonalised country specific results:

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