Cake Terminates President and Founder, Jeff McCollum

Most recent news from Performance Marketing Insider, “Cake Terminates President and Founder, Jeff McCollum”

“Despite being the main force behind the main business, Jeff McCollum, has been fired from the company he founded, Cake (fka Cake Marketing). The reasons were not given, except in a financial statement that the parent company Accelerize New Media had fired him “for cause.”

This termination was done without much being written anywhere, nor any real comments from the company about the reasons given. It seems they made sure that any transition was done seamlessly, unknown to customers. The firing of an employee, who was known as the face of the company, is a huge change by a company that has made huge inroads into the market. This was seen by much of the industry as partially to do with the deals which Jeff McCollum himself built, and the willingness of people to try a partnership based on that relationship.

What this means for the company is up in the air, but there has been little or no other news from the company, except for the hiring of two totally new people since the firing of McCollum: Santi Pierini as Chief Operating Officer, Dave Stewart as Chief Technology Officer and Michael Lin as Chief Financial Officer of the parent company…”
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Social meta data for beginners

Jack Cornwall from Branded3 Blogstorm most recent article is titled, “Social meta data for beginners”

Jack Cornwall posted, “Using meta data can help to get the best possible click through rate from the two most popular social media websites: Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card mark-up have been around for a while now, but not everyone knows how or why to use the meta data to its full extent.

When utilised correctly, posts/pages will be displayed in a way that will be more likely to entice users to click because the publisher will have control on how images, titles, descriptions and URLs are displayed basically giving the publisher the option to ensure she is occupying as much of a viewers feed as possibleas well as allowing him to encourage interaction with a catchy title and description.

These are great ways to ensure both your editorial content and products are showcased to their full extent. Combine this with great content that people want to share and an on-page user experience that facilitates sharing this can increase engagement via social media substantially…”
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10 Things Marketers Must Know About Outsourcing Content

The latest article from Search Engine People Blog is titled, “10 Things Marketers Must Know About Outsourcing Content”

“by sophiadphotography

We all know how important content is when it comes to SEO. Whether it be having great content across all pages of your site, or keeping up a blog with valuable and fresh content, you need to take the time to craft content that is not only relevant to your products or services and keywords, but is also useful for your site’s visitors.

Writing content that is both readable and SEO-optimized can be challenging. Doing it yourself is one option, though many businesses don’t have the time or resources in-house to take on this task – and do it right.

So, what’s the next best way to get this content written? Many businesses consider outsourcing their content writing as a solution to get the content they need. Over the past few years, I’ve worked with a variety of freelance writers and content writing services, and I have also been a provider of writing services for clients myself…”
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