The ultimate guide to newsjacking

Latest post from Branded3 Blogstorm, “The ultimate guide to newsjacking”

“Its like Seth Godin says:

The job is no longer to recite facts, to read the bio out loud, to explain something better found or watched online

No, the job is to personally and passionately make us care enough to look up the facts for ourselves.

Newsjacking is a prevalent technique in boring industries such as finance, but businesses are expecting to achieve results just from regurgitating the news, and maybe adding a quote from someone at the company on the end. Newsjacking should be an attempt to get talked about by anyone who is discussing that story, whether thats on social media, in the press or at the water cooler.

Take sports as an example. Punditry is newsjacking. The pundit isnt involved in the game, but people talk about what they said about it live on Twitter or the next day at work. The differences between you and Alan Hanson can absolutely be addressed:

Theyve earned the right…”
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4 Quick Fixes to Outsmart Your PPC Competition:

Ron Hutchison from Search Engine People Blog latest article is titled, “4 Quick Fixes to Outsmart Your PPC Competition:”

“Depending on your industry, PPC can be a very competitive world.

You put in long hours & hard work into your campaigns and yet, your competitors seem to have a constant leg up on you. You’re asking yourself, how can I get my campaigns to stand out from the crowded PPC world? Well, here are 4 PPC tips that you can utilize to your advantage.

1. Pay Attention To Your Quality Scores

Why is this Important? Your Quality Score is a function of the keyword you are bidding on, your ad, and the landing page. These are the three items that you have control over which can influence your Quality Score. But a bigger question is: Why is Quality Score important? In short, your Quality Score is an indication of the relevancy of the aforementioned three items to a prospective consumer. You should strive to have a Quality Score – for all keywords except competitor brand names – of at least 7/10…”
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Maximizing the Effect of Your PPC Campaigns During the Holidays

Most recent post from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog is titled, “Maximizing the Effect of Your PPC Campaigns During the Holidays”

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog writes, “Using pay-per-click campaigns can assist with increasing sales through advertisements, but you may be able to enhance these effects for the holiday season. More money is spent by consumers within the last two months of the year, and your business could see an influx of sales should you optimize your strategies. There is great potential for your ads simply by changing a few texts and bid amounts for specific keywords.

Event-based Advertisements Work

Regardless of the time of year, event driven ads work and have done so for decades. It’s the reason you often see “President’s Day” mattress sales even though mattresses have little to do with politics. Instead of the regular advertisements you normally run, focusing on current events can increase your exposure. Ads that are driven by these social events have an increased capability of connecting to the consumer on a more personal level…”
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