Examples of Good and Bad Landing Pages

Most recent post from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog is titled, “Examples of Good and Bad Landing Pages”

“The ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign‘ has been a great success in the sense that is enables advertisers of PPC to see how real life campaigns are run, illustrating the good and bad points associated with them through analysing them. This makes it clear that analysing real life campaigns not only will help you gain information on how the big companies use PPC, but also make you aware of mistakes some PPC campaigns make too so you can be sure it does not affect your campaign.


For this reason, I thought it would be a great idea to simply analyse a selection of landing pages, highlighting the main pros and cons to each one.




A clearly structured landing page with information of a navigation menu and one sidebar to the left of the content.

Sainsbury’s use bullet points with the rule of three to persuade the web user over to a conversion.

However, there is a lot of content on this page which might affect the exit rate of this page…”
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How To Calculate The ROI of Social Media

Most recent article from Search Engine People Blog, “How To Calculate The ROI of Social Media”

“Business owners who invest money in maintaining their social media accounts for advertising purposes often ask me how they can calculate their return on investment (ROI). While measuring the ROI of social media can help you determine if a certain campaign was successful or a complete failure, it’s a time-consuming task that involves several challenging […]

Post from: Search Engine People SEO BlogHow To Calculate The ROI of Social Media–Written by Shane Barker, Shane Barker

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Facebook Launching Conversion Lift Management Tool

Michael Levanduski from Performance Marketing Insider latest article is titled, “Facebook Launching ‘Conversion Lift Management’ Tool”

“Facebook ads have long been the subject of debate concerning just how effective they really are. Some people swear by them, and use them to market just about anything. Others say that while they do drive traffic, the ads fail to lead to conversions at any significant rate. In order to try to end the confusion, Facebook has developed a tool that can help marketers identify just how effective their ads really are.

The new tool, which is called Conversion Lift Management will track customer behavior from the time they see an ad, until they either make a purchase or the set amount of time expires. This will help marketers to pinpoint just how effective their campaign really is.

The system is currently being rolled out only to large advertisers who have their own Facebook Sales Representative. This will allow Facebook to gather a lot of data about just how to make the system most accurate, before they likely roll it out to smaller advertisers…”
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