8 Books On Writing Every Marketer Should Read

Latest Search Engine People Blog post is titled, “8 Books On Writing Every Marketer Should Read”

“So you’re trying to be the next Mark Twain or Margaret Atwood. Except a cooler, digital marketing inclined version that writes killer content for the web. Where do you start? Two of the best ways to learn are by example and research. If you’re getting a brain cramp when it comes to letting the ink flow (or keys type), here are some books you might want to flip through for inspiration or to help refine your writing.

1. The Elements Of Style

By William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White.

These days this book is often touted as being old and out of date (it was originally published in the early 18th century).

It might sound like a total snooze fest, but this book gives an extensive and still relevant history in to the English language.

Don’t believe me? Time magazine included it in their 2011 rundown of all-time 100 non-fiction books.

2. Spunk And Bite

By Arthur Plotnik.

Consider this little ditty the big older brother of Strunk and White’s (get it?) Elements of Style…”
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Why Google Thinks Youre A Sly Dog And How To Make It Trust You

The latest post from SEO Chat is titled, “Why Google Thinks You’re A Sly Dog And How To Make It Trust You”

SEO Chat writes, “Trust is everything in a relationship and without it a connection is meaningless and a bond throwaway.

So, how do you build this trust? Openness respect offering a quality experience. The funny thing is that its not just your girlfriend that will appreciate it when she can trust you, Google will too.

Trust is a significant and often overlooked factor in SEO

Remember the crazy girlfriend that cut up your suits one Tuesday evening before you came home from work because you smiled at the pretty barista. Those suits could be your site and that girlfriend could be Google. If Google doesnt trust your site, youre fighting an uphill battle.

Measuring trust can be done manually through examining a potential linking sites backlink profile, or automatically via either Majestic Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) metrics, or Mozs MozTrust and Moz Flow metrics. Both metrics use a list of seeded trust sources vs the number of citations a site has and base their rankings on the distance between the site being examined and these sources of trust…”
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Amit Mehta and Boost Software Shut Down by FTC

Most recent article from Performance Marketing Insider is titled, “Amit Mehta and Boost Software Shut Down by FTC”

“Trying to get more information on this, but it seems that super-affiliate, owner of PPC Classroom and much more Amit Mehta (Facebook profile)has been shut down by the FTC. The FTC has charged basically that they have been selling worthless software under the guise of technical support. Worse, the software didn’t do much, nor did the consumers have anything wrong with their computers.

Seems he may have also skipped town, as several people mentioned they haven’t heard from him in a while, and his Facebook page looks dead? Most recent post was that they did a huge partnership with Neverblue to promote this accused scam. Hope everyone gets paid.

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida, a federal court has temporarily shut down two massive telemarketing operations that conned tens of thousands of consumers out of more than $120 million by deceptively marketing computer software and tech support services…”
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