Halloween Costumes Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

Most recent article from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog, “Halloween Costumes – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign”

“The last article that can be related to the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series had a look at Tesco vs Sainsbury’s who are two supermarkets using pay per click advertising to promote their online delivery service to consumers. What we found was that Tesco’s search advert was generally better than Sainsbury’s as it focused more on being price sensitive than Sainsbury’s and included a clever call to action that injected a sense of urgency into the web user to use Tesco’s service. In this article, with Halloween around a month away, I will be looking at a campaign based around Halloween costumes: in particular, joke.co.uk.


To view joke.co.uk’s PPC search advert, I had to type into Google search UK, ‘halloween costumes’:

Straight away, there are a few things we can gather about joke.co.uk’s advert:

They have most likely got the highest CPC for this search phrase since they are ranked #1 in paid search results (which is an area which gains the best performance)…”
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How Keyword Ranking Reporting Is Leading You Astray

The latest post from “Search Engine People Blog”, “How Keyword Ranking Reporting Is Leading You Astray”

Search Engine People Blog say’s, “The search engine industry grew to some amazing heights and erupted in a huge variety of keyword research, site analysis tools and rank monitoring platforms. We’ve tried and tested them all and have honestly been dissatisfied with the majority. Most of them have not kept up with significant algorithm changes and do a poor job of helping customers analyze their site’s authority, discover the keywords that drive conversions, and help them with developing content.

Case in point, we have a large publisher with millions of pages that we track over 400,000 keyword combinations for. Most of the platforms out there require that we hand-enter and categorize the keywords that we wish to track and then they show us linear reports of progress over time. Some even have some movement alerts to let us know when our rank is up and when it’s dropping.

As an industry, we’ve finally got the attention of corporate leadership to apply budget to strategies that generate leads from search engines…”
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Constructing The Perfect Tweet To Gain Clicks

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog posted, “Constructing The Perfect Tweet To Gain Clicks”

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog wrote, “Who would have though 140 character messages would have been the new form of social media ten years ago? Twitter has become such a important tool to advertisers and businesses for the simple matter that it is a great place to advertise anything on it. If you find yourself wanting to promote links to a website of some sort, you may find that you could be optimising your tweets further to make them get extra clicks (a high click through rate). The truth to the matter is that the best tweets that get the most clicks adopt a certain structure. In this article, I will go through how you can construct the perfect tweet to gain the most amount of clicks.


Step 1 – The Message

The first step to the perfect tweet involves having a message about your link. To gain the most amount of clicks, it needs to include the following things:

A call to action. You will want to evoke an action from the Twitter user (being a click)…”
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