3 Steps To Bootstrap Your Facebook Ads

Most recent article by Pierre Lechelle from Search Engine People Blog is titled, “3 Steps To Bootstrap Your Facebook Ads”

Pierre Lechelle say’s, “Facebook gives you excellent possibilities to acquire customers at a very low cost. With more than 829 million of daily active users, most of your customers are probably looking at ads there everyday.

Facebook Ads’ options for both Targeting & Creative can empower you to deliver your message and to create a compelling ad that will bring you a steady flow of customers.

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Ready to start? This article will give you a quick grasp of how Facebook Ads works and how you can use them for your own business.

1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

When you run Paid Advertising, the most important thing is the audience you’re targeting. You need to find the right fit between your value proposition and your audience if you want to be successful.

Lets say you’re selling high-end cars, what would happen if a teenager sees your ad? Would they be a potential customer? Probably not…”
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How to audit and fix thin content with no value @semrush webinar with @Branded_3

Most recent news from Branded3 Blogstorm is titled, “How to audit and fix thin content with no value – @semrush webinar with @Branded_3″

“Before Google rolled out a new softer iteration of its Panda algorithm update we expected to see a larger number of affected sites recovering than ever before.

While some sites did recover, its still not always clear what businesses have to do in order to get their rankings back after they have been affected by the algorithmand because Panda isnt perfect, Google has begun to send messages in Webmaster Tools to those webmasters whose sites host thin content with little or no added value and applying manual filters, similar to Googles link penalties.

Our Senior Search Strategist Stephen Kenwright will be running through the differences between content-related issues and what you can do to recover from Panda and manual actions in a webinar for SEMrush: How to audit and fix thin content with no value.

The webinar will be held on 10th September at 14:00 GMT (3pm British Summer Time, as it is now), and Stephen will discuss:

Who is most at risk from content related penalties

How to create an inventory of your content

How to identify thin pages with no added value and what to do with them

Quick wins that can improve content engagement

The penalties for getting it wrong or waiting to get penalised…”
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The Easy 8 Step Marketing Strategy For Your Business Blog

Most recent article from Search Engine People Blog, “The Easy 8 Step Marketing Strategy For Your Business Blog”

“1. Create Useful & Unique Content

Yes we’ve all heard content is king. We all know how important it is. So why aren’t you creating it? It’s so important that it should be a priority so the “I don’t have time” excuse doesn’t cut it. (For more on how to speed up content creation real fast, click hereclick here)

The other common excuse is “I don’t know what to write” but that doesn’t cut it either because as a business owner or someone that has worked in your industry for any amount of time you already have all the information you need to write great content. Let me give you the nudge you need to start writing.

How many times do your customers ask the same questions? What do people typically ask about your service? What makes one of your products worth paying more for over another? Turn each of these types of repeat questions into a blog post…”
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