Constructing The Perfect Tweet To Gain Clicks

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog posted, “Constructing The Perfect Tweet To Gain Clicks”

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog wrote, “Who would have though 140 character messages would have been the new form of social media ten years ago? Twitter has become such a important tool to advertisers and businesses for the simple matter that it is a great place to advertise anything on it. If you find yourself wanting to promote links to a website of some sort, you may find that you could be optimising your tweets further to make them get extra clicks (a high click through rate). The truth to the matter is that the best tweets that get the most clicks adopt a certain structure. In this article, I will go through how you can construct the perfect tweet to gain the most amount of clicks.


Step 1 – The Message

The first step to the perfect tweet involves having a message about your link. To gain the most amount of clicks, it needs to include the following things:

A call to action. You will want to evoke an action from the Twitter user (being a click)…”
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Finding your audience on social media: slides from @lauracrimmons speaking at @Figaro_Digital seminar

Felicity Crouch from Branded3 Blogstorm latest article is titled, “Finding your audience on social media: slides from @lauracrimmons speaking at @Figaro_Digital seminar”

“Last week, Branded3’s Social & PR Manager, Laura Crimmons, spoke at Figaro Digital’s Social Media Seminar on Finding Your Audience on Social Media.

The presentation covered the best tools available for marketers to find and engage with their audience and customers on social media, including a few case studies to demonstrate how this works in practice.

You can view Laura’s slides below or get in touch for a copy of the presentation.

You can also see Laura speaking at Branded3’s upcoming seminar in London, along with Tim Grice and Patrick Altoft. There are a few places still left so grab your ticket here and we’ll see you on the 16th!”
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‘Un-link’ Building: How To Successfully Remove Penguin Links

Barrie Smith from Search Engine People Blog posted, “Lost your rankings in Google? Built some dodgy links in the past that you’re now worried about? Been a victim of a competitor attack?

Google’s Penguin update, first released in April 2012 changed the face of link building as we knew it. Prior to that, sites linking to yours did little harm, at least not long-term. That all changed 2.5 years ago.

During that time numerous websites have dropped down, or completely out’ of Google as a result. Those shady link building tactics that once used to rank you prominently no longer work. They now have a detrimental affect on your website.

So where do you go from here? If your website has good or hard-to-get links pointing to it, and/or you simply want to keep the domain, you’ll have to remove those unwanted links if you want to remain or get back into the Google results.

Firstly though, if you’re a newbie to SEO or link building, you’ll perhaps want to know how to tell the difference between a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ backlink…”
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